Who is SM-Art

SM-Art is a company which provides unique and customised branding and art solutions to the motor-bike, motorvehicle corporate and golfing industries world-wide. With generations of artists providing the backbone of what is today a modern interpretation of airbrush art, we have taken this form of painting to a whole different level. SM-Art specialises in the interpretation of your design brief and then custom spraying the designs onto almost anything you fancy. Pretty much nothing is impossible to create.

Steve Mohacsy, the head designer and painting specialist, is world renowned, having won over 26 awards in Europe alone for his design and airbrush painting skills. S0, there is no doubt that SM-Art, can deliver exactly what you want, which we understand, is an extension of who you are.
This is the latest and most exciting product and service development, which is kicking off for the first time worldwide, right here in South Africa!

The real difference between SM-art and others out there, is the ability to interpret briefs and deliver beyond expectation within a reasonable and reliable lead time. The paint preparation, paint work and final clear coats are applied using a very unique method which results in a finish that rivals others.

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